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Nurtured By Nature - beauty and benefits of nature


We aim to turn the attention of locals and our visitors to their surroundings, the department of conservation has issued a decree and the objective of this program is to maintain a fragile ecosystem while also meeting the needs of tourism. With that said, companies such as ours have set out to ensure that we spread the message of how people can enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature around them. You can read about it here nurturedbynature.co.nz


To ensure the success of reintegrating people back into nature the government of New Zealand has provided a network of signposted paths lined with visitor’s centres and tramper’s hut filled with informative materials about the fauna, flora and history of the country. You can also find excellent leaflets about the major walking paths.

Some Activities to do in New Zealand inspired by Nature

The southern alps offer a great view for

Skiing and mountaineering through its lofty peaks

The lower  slopes

serve as the perfect location for multi-day tramps that crosses between valleys. You can find calm harbours and sheltered lagoons which is perfect for going boating and swimming when the weather is perfect.

New Zealand is famous for its Bungy jumps or cave raft.


There are also whitewater, skydiving, jetboat, scuba dive and mountain bike activities to entertain yourself. These activities are all handles by instructors with a high level of training. The instructors are honoured to be offering guests those training and they’re happy that people can visit their place of happiness.

It is advised that one should always check their insurance cover before performing any of these activities as there are bound to be injuries and mishaps sometimes and would need the insurance for cover.

Hiking is Another Activity

That enables people to connect with their environment.

It usually takes three to five days to hike the carved paths. Within those three days, you shall be camping out in a trampers hut. For these three days, you’ll be moving around with a pack over some of the roughest terrains so you will need to be fit to endure this type of activity. The best time to go hiking in this area is around October to May and there are many popular hiking paths you can sign up to with coordinated plans and luxuries you would enjoy during your hike.

Nurtured By Nature - beauty and benefits of nature

Within these pages, you can find plenty of information that will help you get back into the great outdoors. Too long have we been enclosed in our tiny houses and sections; now is the time to get out there and explore the great unknown.